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We are a full stack marketing agency offering services to help you build a wonderful website, a powerful and creative marketing campaign and much more...


We prime ourselves at being the most knowledgeable people in our domain. We will use our knowledge to help you create a full fledged website and a viral marketing campaign!

We see a each project as a projection of yourself. We believe you are a trustworthy, positive and incredible person. These are our key ingredients to building any project from ground up!



Because we only want to work with projects that can create a positive ripple effect, we tend to be very selective in the projects we receive, find out if you made the cut!

And more..


We have the tools needed to help you build a fantastic website and a creative marketing campaign

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We want to meet you, we want to hear you talk about your great idea and we want to advise you!

We offer a wide range of services to help you reach exposure, build credibility and improve your reputation. 

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We can take your business to the next level with our vast network of people.

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SocialBuzzPR is a marketing agency based in West Hollywood that wants to prime itself as turning your projects into brands. Whether you have got an idea, or have been in business for a long time, we will pick up from where you left to shake things up..

And much more

We are located in West Hollywood, CA. We will get back to you within 24 hours!

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